Kidbrooke Station Square

Kidbrooke Station Square provides an excellent opportunity to deliver new homes, shops, spaces and to create a vibrant new centre.




The Development of Kidbrooke Station Square

Kidbrooke Partnership LLP, a joint venture between Notting Hill Genesis and Transport for London (TfL), has now submitted a planning application to the Royal Borough of Greenwich for Kidbrooke Station Square.

We are very proud of what we are proposing for the site and we have worked hard over the last year with local residents, community groups and elected representatives to finalise a scheme that brings a host of benefits to the local area and to the Royal Borough of Greenwich.

We welcome your comments and questions on the scheme so please complete the form and let us know what you think.

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our proposals

Your feedback has helped inform our final proposals. The key messages we received during the consultation event included:

  • You welcome the sustainable regeneration of an underutilised brownfield site
  • You think the amount of affordable housing on offer is very positive and needed locally
  • You were concerned about the height of the two buildings that bookend the scheme and the overall density of the site, so we reduced the height of the buildings from 22 and 24 storeys to 20 storeys, and reduced the number of homes from 651 to 619
  • You wanted to know what improvements might come to local transport networks and access to Kidbrooke Station.

New Homes

London and Londoners need affordable homes. Kidbrooke Station Square ensures local people get the affordable homes they need. We will deliver 619 new homes from a range of sizes from 1-bed to 3-bedroom properties. 50% of the homes will be affordable with 152 set at a London Affordable Rent levels and 157 Shared Ownership properties.



Commercial Vision

A new convenience store and café creating spaces for the community to shop, socialise and relax. Eight new business units suitable for start-ups and creative industries.




You told us that you were concerned about increased pressure on local public transport services, especially trains. Our assessments tell us we will cause little impact, 6 additional passengers per train at morning peak, or 1 per carriage. We are however committed to ongoing discussions with Network Rail and the train operator about what improvements can be made to the service. There are also planned improvements to bus routes in the area, including the phased transformation of the 178 bus route to a double decker from 8thDecember, and a new service which is proposed from Kidbrooke to North Greenwich, currently expected to be delivered in 2023.


Public Space

Attractive and significant new public space including a new station square and residential square with a network of green walks and links throughout the development.



View across main square towards Laneway.

View from the station entrance across the main square.


There are also financial benefits with the new development, with income from Business Rates and Council Tax along with the New Homes Bonus plus CIL and s106 contributions.

During the construction phase of the project, there will be an estimated 161 construction jobs with an additional 173 indirect jobs. We have also estimated £165m construction value alongside an expected £77m in additional financial benefits.

On completion, there is an estimated £14.85m in household expenditure per annum plus an expected £900,000 output from the commercial units per annum. We anticipate 128 permanent jobs on site and 106 jobs through additional expenditure on site.



If you have any feedback about the proposals or have any questions, please get in touch.

You can contact Joanna Christophides at

or on 020 7399 2282